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Copyright and Media Law, IT Law and Intellectual Property Law 

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MLS LEGAL - Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis is a specialised law firm in Bremen, Germany. She advises her clients exclusively in the fields of copyright and media law, IT law and intellectual property law, and represents their interests before courts and public offices. Her clients include companies, institutions and public entities as well as persons of public and cultural life.


The Institute for IT, Media and Intellectual Property Law is an independent research institute of the Hugo Grotius gGmbH - non-profit society for the advancement of legal sciences in Germany. It is a legal research institute with a multidisciplinary approach, which cooperates with various local, national and international scientific and research institutions. The institute participates in acadmeic teaching and public lecturing, prepares scientific opinions, and participates in public research projects with its expertise in IT, media and intellectual property law.