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Green Innovations and IPR Management

Table of Contents


Part I: Green Intellectual Property Rights.

A. Green Patents.
1. Legal Aspects of Green Patents; E. L. Lane

B. Green Trademarks

2. Legal Aspects of Green Trademarks;I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner
3. Best Practice: Eco-Label with Brand Character: Reliable Product Labelling of Type I According to ISO; S. Heutling, I. Oehme
4. Nordic Ecolabelling: An Introduction; R. Unge

C. Green Designs / Eco-Design.
5. Legal Aspects of Designs; M. Schötelburg, J. Pinkowski
6. Best Practice: Developing Environmentally Friendly Products: Potentials and Challenges of Eco-Design; S. Zhao, K. Rath, H. Birkhofer. 

Part II: Exploiting Green Innovations.

A. Technology Transfer and Licensing.
7. Technology Transfer and Licensing; I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner

B. IPR Management

8. IP Charta as a Guideline for a Sustainable IPR Management; K. Uckel 
9. IPR Management and Technology Transfer; G. Caratti, H. Kebapci. 
10. Alternative Approaches to IPR Management; I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner. 

Part III: Green Economy

11. Resource Regimes and Resource-Monitoring as New Instruments of a Sustainable Resource Management; G.Müller-Christ
12. International Climate Change and Technology Transfer: General Framework and Recent Developments;L. Schiano di Pepe. 
13. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships and Technology Transfer; X. Hinrichs Oyarce
14. Green IT; I. Richter

Part IV: Initiatives to Support Green Innovations.
15. UNEP-EPO-ICTSD Patents and Clean Energy Technology Project; B. Simmons, A. Abdel Latif, K. Karachalios
16. WIPO Green: The Sustainable Technology Exchange; A. von der Ropp .